Creative Chef works together with photographer Rogier Boogaard on a documentary about favourite dishes of people all over the world. We have done this shoot at the Worldexpo in Milan. Surprisingly to see that so many people around the world like pizza, fufu soup and dumplings the most!!! Some of the pictures will appear in a cookbook.

Creative Chef World Expo Milano-2720-bewerkt_LR Creative Chef World Expo Milano-2719-bewerkt_LR Creative Chef World Expo Milano-2711-bewerkt_LR Creative Chef World Expo Milano-2727-bewerkt_LR Creative Chef World Expo Milano-2733-bewerkt_LR Creative Chef World Expo Milano-2509-bewerkt_LR Creative Chef World Expo Milano-2499-bewerkt_LR Creative Chef World Expo Milano-2525-bewerkt_LR Creative Chef World Expo Milano-2490-bewerkt_LR