This gallery shows our latest artworks and design objects which we showcase all over the world at galleries, exhibitions, museums and private events. All our work is rooted in design and art and always connects with the subject of food.


Dinner Sculpture No1

Sculptured wooden objects created to create a unique dining typology.

Stimulus Interactiva No 2 ’22
Sculptured dining tables that transforms a dinner experience into an artwork.

Stimulus Interactiva No 3 ’22
Sculptured dining tables that transforms a dinner experience into an artwork.

ART Salad Textile no 2 ’22
Sculptured textile objects plated as a salad

Photo Prints series ’21
Collection of photo prints from the period 2014-2018

ART salad epoxy Pink Yellow ’21
Collection of shapes and forms of resin in composition

ART Salad Textile no 1 ’21
Sculptured textile objects plated as a salad

Ceramic Beans ’21
Set of ceramics

Future Food City Building No 1 ’21
Wooden interactive sculpture connected with a Utopian city in the METAverse

Ice Compositions ’20
Series of photo prints using ice cream as a creative medium

The ART salad ’19
Interactive model of resin objects that play with light

 Productdesign +  Food + Light = Interactive artwork

Showcased @ NYCxDesign ’19

Paintings 2020
Paintings based on foodcompositions

Showcased @ NYCxDesign ’19


The Composition Table ’19
Interactive table which plays soundwaves while eating.

 Music + Textiledesign + Ceramics + AI + Food + Music = Experience Design

Showcased @ Salone del Mobile ’19


Creative Chef Records ’18
Ceramic Vinyl-shaped Plates with a recipe & music code

Productdesign + Music + Graphics + Food = Experience Design

Showcased @ Salone del mobile 2018 & Bejing Design Week ’18


The Dish Table ’18
The enlargement of a ceramic plate

Design + Food + Function = Product Design

Showcased @ Salone del Mobile ’18

Edible Painting 
Creative Chef + diner guests = Art
Printed on aluminium

Showcased @ Beijng Design Week

Table Jewelry 
A composition of multifunctional ceramic design

Showcased @ Venice Biënnale & NYDW

Taste The Dutch Masters
An arty reconstruction of a 17th century painting inside a 3D box.
Created with 17th century stories, dishes & tableware 

Showcased @ Metropolitan Museum, NY & Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam

Design for Artwork Shanghai
Immersive design object

Productdesign + Storytelling + Food = Experience Design Artwork


Art of Plating Ceramics
A set of ceramic which can used to rebuild dishes with ceramic objects.
Chefs can create an example dish that stays forever.

Showcased @Architecture Biennale Venetie 2016 and spotted by
Lidewij Edelkoort, Trendtablet

Salad Art ’16
Artwork created with dinner guest before dinner

Creative Chef + diner guests = Art
Printed on aluminium

Showcased @ Dutch Design Week ’16

Colloseum Restaurant ’16
Mixing up building typologies to create new ways of eating.

Architecture + Food + Experience = Art

Showcased @Bejing Designweek 2018

Mandala Tableware ’18
Set of Tableware made in Coop with Baars en Bloemhoff of Himacs.

Showcased @Dubai Designweek ’18

Stimulus Interactivă No 1 ’16

Product design + Food + Video = Art

Getoond @ Salone del Mobile ’16

WALL Plating Installation ’16

Graffitti + Food + Ceramic = Art composition

Shown @ the Art Kitchen ’16



Cookbook Experience Design ’16
Published worldwide

Creative Chef Postcards ’17
Booklet with 24 Funny postcards

Published Worldwide


Creative Chef Graphics ’18
A series of free work exploring Graphic Design.

Graphics + Food + Objects = Poster Art












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