Artist Jasper Udink ten Cate sold his first digital building in the Future Food City.
A utopian city where all of the UN SDG’s are solved. A place you want to live in the future. Or right now!! The first building was sold to anominous art collector.

‘I am trying to use the crazy real estate/housing market to build something positive. Why not buy a digital building that shows all the visitors about the possibilities of the future. A city where you can live and share knowledge. A city that is being build with funding of investors and art collectors’ Jasper says.  All of the digital real estate that is being build is connected with a sculpture art piece and a digital key that gives you acces to the official certificate and contract of your building. When the building is finished it can be seen/visited in de digital environment. An NFT will secure the owner that the building is actually their property.

Especially for the Art Rotterdam 2021 show in July and the NOMAD CIRCLE fair in St Moritz, artist Jasper Udink ten Cate will present his first analog sculpture that is the first model for the first building. The building was bought by an art investor and asked Jasper to sell it at a fair to raise more money for the project.