A cookbook like you have never seen before! A collaboration of cooks, designers, animators, photographers, graphic designers and architects that under the title ‘Creative Chef’ share their love for food. Together they work on a cookbook with recipes for the ultimate eat experience! How do you ensure that your meals and dinners are a true experience? Edible perfume, an edible beach, a vinyl record of chocolate; how do you actually make that? Or in which environment can I eat the best French fish soup and which recipe takes 1,5 year to make? An experience book with a unique design that will serve the reader with challenging flavour concepts, stimulating ideas for a total experience of your dinner and that above all will blow you away with inspiring visual material. Currently we are busy to produce our book and we noticed that some ideas are ambitious and expensive to develop, but too nice to abstain from our future readers. That’s why Creative Chef would like you to help us and asks for a contribution so we can make this project a success! What you get in return;

1.  A whole new perspective on dining and eating experiences.

2. Eternal fame by being mentioned in our book.

3. Unique Creative Chef goodies.

4. Eternal thanks.


Buy the book in advance and become one of the people who made it possible to realize the dream of Creative Chef.


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