We are proud to announce that the new cookbook from Creative Chef has launched with a bang. It’ll give you all the tools necessary to create an eating experience to remember. Presentation, storytelling, smell, music, imagination, ingredients, interaction, surroundings, time and an arty twist will change your dinner into a food experience.

Creative Chef is an extraordinary book written by Jasper Udink ten Cate. Jasper is well known for multidisciplinary and innovative mindset about food and experience. The book is loaded with inspiring recipes that will lead the way for a memorable dinner at home or other professional chefs out there. How do I make an edible exhibition or an edible fragrance to tickle the senses of my guests? The book will guide you through the proces with a splash of inspiration and creativity. Jasper is satisfied when his book will make you smile. He is happy to know when you did, so feel free to let him know.

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