Salone Del Mobile Milan

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We are selected to show our newest contemporary artwork ‘Dinner Tables’ in Milan at Ventura Projects. Creative Chef will serve a restaurant as an artwork. Visitors of the art week Salone Del Mobile in Milan are all invited to join this art piece. Creative Chef will present colorful designed tables and serve planted based futuristic […]

The Art of Creative Plating is picked up worldwide

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The Art of Creative Plating is picked up worldwide

Proudly Creative Chef looks back on a successful debut at the Dutch Design Week. Beside the old work we also presented a new concept the Art of Creative Plating. It was hailed by the press and was eventually picked up by several major magazines and influencers as the new talent and new trend. We are […]

Creative Chef in the news!

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Suddenly we made it to the front pages in Italy and the Netherlands. In response to an insect Workshop at the World Expo, the Italian authorities confiscated the products. Below is the link to the piece that appeared in the Telegraaf.