In co-operation with the food line up and Willem & Drees developed Creative Chef a new event experience based on fresh fruit from slowjuicers. The fruit was picked by the customer himself and juiced by our staff. Best Kept Secret festival was our kick-off.

In the assortment were all kinds of juices based on fresh fruit delivered by Willem & Drees. Besides that there were a strawberry tastings, cherrystone spittinggames and we also had a nice evening with a sangriabar.

The special drink was the liquid joint, based on hempjuice and apple. The hemp was delivered by Sana Hempjuice, an innovative entrepreneur who is the first in the world to sell hempjuice. For more information;

creative chef - willem en drees_best kept secret-9013-DEF_HR

creative chef - willem en drees_best kept secret-9112-DEF_HR